Let’s learn from ongoing practices to guide future changes

Learning is more than collecting as many practices as possible. The beating heart of a continuous learning process is observing and analysing cases in the (city) port area or region, following the dynamics and making the lessons transferable and applicable elsewhere. Mapping and analysing a variety of cases helps to generate new insights into the here and now as well as new challenges and opportunities to be addressed in the future.
North Sea Port

Galloo Ghent – North Sea Port

Galloo Ghent is recuperating ships from private and public companies along the canal. Furthermore from the process of recuperation we…
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North Sea Port
Network-sharing PlatformStrenghtening of sectors

Flanders Biobased Valley – North Sea Port

Flanders Biobased Valley is an important cluster organization which promotes and supports biobased economy in Flanders. While it is initiated…
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Le Havre
Industrial SymbiosisRecycling

Estener – Le Havre

ESTENER, is the first French factory producing advanced biodiesel from animal fats unsuitable for food. This major industrial project offers…
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Industrial SymbiosisPlatform

Ecopal – Dunkirk

The ECOPAL network (Economy and Ecology Partners in Local Action) includes 480 members, large companies, SMEs, associations or individuals. It…
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Job creationR&D InnovationSkilled workers

Duurzaamheidsfabriek – Dordrecht

The Duurzaamheidsfabriek is focused on sustainable technology, with maritime technology and energy transition in specific. Here, education is given to…
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Network-sharing PlatformSmart Logistics

Cluster 2.0 – Duisburg

Usually Logistic cluster do add value in the region in which they are located, where a good presence of differentiated…
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OrgwareResearch & Design

Clean Capital – Amsterdam

An online and offline platform is created to stimulate exchange between industrial companies in the harbour. They focus on processes…
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Return LogisticsSorting & Collecting

City Depot – Brussels

Citydepot collects the goods at the entrance to the city, stores them, organizes them and then delivers them in the…
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