Circular Ports

Supporting port professionals, businesses and communities in the transition to a Circular and Low Carbon Economy

Moving from the Why to the How

Bringing together partners from a highly competitive port environment on the basis of their own interests and assets opens up opportunities for collaboration (temporary or otherwise) between the port and the public community. It harnesses the power of self-interest within a shared vision around a defined or recognisable challenge or ‘theme’. By moving from the Why to the How, these themes become meaningful or well enough understood to enable reasonable action.
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Port of Rotterdam

4th Business Summit: Go Circular

Go Circular is a business focused conference where participants have discussions around the main plastics circularity challenges and is the…
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Circular Flanders is the hub, the inspiration and the matchmaker for the Flemish circular economy.

As a successor to Plan C (2006-2012, 2012-2016) and the Flemish Materials Programme (2011-2016), Circular Flanders was appointed by the Flemish government in 2017 to continue and support the circular economy as a region-wide transition priority.


A compendium of action-oriented tools and insights

Open library

So much to share, so much to know and be inspired by. Probably the best library on circularity and ports that is always open.

Port Goverance and Policy

Provides an insight into available policy frameworks and strategies, from the port area to the European level.

Port Business Guidance

Provides entrepreneurs with practical tools to broaden their perspective on circularity and implement it at the business level.

Research and Learning

Helps navigate existing knowledge networks, research and learning opportunities in the field of circularity and ports.


Learning from ongoing cases to guide future changes

North Sea Port
RecyclingSorting & Collecting – North Sea Port

The demolition materials usually are reused in new projects or offered to third parties for external projects. Furthermore, there is…
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