The raw material transition for the Port of Rotterdam

Year 2024 (March)
Author(s) DRIFT
Team Carien van der Have, Igno Notermans, Roel van Raak, Jan Rotmans and Teun Strikkers (DRIFT)
Commissioner Port of Rotterdam

DRIFT research offers the port of Rotterdam guidelines for the raw material transition

Will Europe continue to have access to enough raw materials for the green technology needed for the energy transition? Different product processes, non-fossil raw materials and rare materials are crucial for a CO2-neutral, circular society. What role can the port of Rotterdam play in the raw material transition and which choices have to be made to achieve that? Those are the central questions in recent DRIFT research, commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The result of this collaboration is The raw material transition for the port of Rotterdam report.

The aim of this research is to provide input for a raw material transition strategy for the Port Authority, as well as to analyse these challenges and provide strategies that capture the resulting opportunities. The research will also offer an action perspective for the Port of Rotterdam to guide it in the successful implementation of this new raw materials strategy. Hence, the main question is: How can the Port of Rotterdam robustly position itself in the (raw) material transition?

Source: DRIFT



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