A compendium that provides concise information on circular port policy and governance, helps find research opportunities, shares the latest circular insights and agendas, guides to practical tools to put circularity principles into practice. All selected with an action-oriented mindset.
Much in this section comes from original sources – i.e. not all developed by us. Therefore, by directing circular port professionals and policy makers, circular port businesses, researchers, academics and students to the original sources, we consider it to be re-sourced.

Open library

So much to share, so much to know and be inspired. Probably the best library on circularity and ports that is always open.

Port Goverance and Policy

Provides an insight into available policy frameworks and strategies, from the port area to the European level.

Port Business Guidance

Guides entrepreneurs towards practical tools to widen your perspective on circularity and to put it into practice at company level.

Research and Learning

Helps find its way in both existing knowledge networks and research and learning opportunities in the field of circularity and ports.

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