Circular (City) Ports – Workbook 2 – Building Blocks

Year 2020
Author(s) Architecture Workroom Brussels (AWB), 1010au
Commissioner Circular Flanders / OVAM

This report ‘Workbook 2 – Building Blocks’ is part of a series of publications in the context of the track Delta Atelier/Circular (City) Ports

The research team ended up with identifying eight building blocks that can be recognized across the Delta (city) ports. Each building block represents a link in the total circular chain, and their interaction seems essential to further circularity. Although not all these blocks are necessarily found in all (city) port areas studied, they do capture the vibrancy of answers that (city) ports and water-bound areas provide to their explicit circularity targets.

You can’t build a circular (city) port system by simply stacking many isolated projects and practices. Throughout these projects and practices we need to identify certain patterns: prototypical milieus, situations or ‘building blocks’.

The report summarizes the findings of the investigation into these Building Blocks. To find out how the Building Blocks work, go to ‘Learn More’ and the relevant web page.



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