Test Site M4H+ (Merwe Vierhaven) – Circular area development

Year 2019
Team 1010AU, Mariska Vogel & Ronald Van Der Heijden, DRIFT (Erasmus), Witteveen & Bos, 5PBGM
Commissioner IABR, City of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam

M4H as a breeding ground for the circular economy

In the context of IABR–2018-Atelier Rotterdam, ways were examined to take the next step in M4H’s (Merwe-Vierhaven, Port of Rotterdam) transformation into a breeding ground for the circular manufacturing industry at the test site M4H+.

How can area development in M4H contribute to Rotterdam’s ambitious goals to realize a fully circular society with closed material cycles by 2050? Which test projects and which coalitions can help this development take shape? And how can sustainable area development be combined with the position of Rotterdam as a global port, and, as such, a hub for the huge amount of raw materials, waste, and semi-finished products that traverse the region? In a circular economy, these flows will have to be shortened, valorized, and eventually closed. The degree to which this is achieved depends on local capacities, skills, people, and places. So, what will it take?

Source: IABR



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