LOOP-Ports : Looking at the future of ports

Year 2020 (December)
Author(s) Edited by Lasse Vinblad (Technical University of Denmark), Jorge Miguel Lara Lópe (Fundación Valenciaport, Spain)

Looking at the Future of Ports – Opportunities for intervention and specific innovation recommendations

This is a report for Port Authorities and other port management bodies, as well as for port stakeholders – think of companies within and around the port, but also municipalities, cities, legislators, industry bodies, knowledge institutes and citizens. The objective of this report was to identify key innovation recommendations that would enable ports to make subsequent steps in becoming more circular themselves, as well as to (better) enable them to actively facilitate circularity within societies and economies. This explains the wide range of stakeholders that feature in this report: many other actors besides ports have important roles in supporting and enabling ports in becoming more circular.

To enable a focus on both the individual levers as well as on the different stakeholder roles, the following was done. It was decided to first list the key innovation recommendations with the respective lever of change it applies to (see section Lever of Change). However, at the end of the report a summary is provided that collects the key innovation recommendations per stakeholder group. It should be kept in mind, however, since the interviews this report is based on were conducted with a focus on port management bodies and port authorities that these lists are a starting point and they need further development and refinement through working with these respective stakeholder groups.


Source: LOOPS-Ports project



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