Start Port – Duisburg

Start-ups incubator for innovation in the logistic and chain supply field

What’s happening? How does it happen?

Start port is a start-up incubator located in the Duisburg port, which wants to enhance creative innovation culture and promote innovations in the logistics and supply chain areas. The platform is establishing a collaboration between the start-ups, the Duisport authority and the companies located in the harbor, in order to develop forward-looking innovative ideas for the future development of the logistic hub of Duisburg. The company is developing a oneyear accelerator program in which the start-up can be evolved in a marketable product. They are providing access to the already existing network of potential costumers or of potential collaborator from the logistic and industrial field.

What is the relation with the port and water?

The Start Port is collaborating with local companies and actors located inside the Duisburg port. There is a strong relation between the research and innovation that is carried out by these initiatives and the development of smart logistic on site. The start-ups are put in communication and in a continuous exchange with active actors inside the port.

What is the relation with the city?

The Start Port initiatives is located inside the city port, in an area that have been recently redeveloped into and mixed use space.

What are the ambitions?

The Start port ambitions are to get further in the development of new innovative solution in the logistic and supply chain filed. Having in mind that the logistic realm is in continuous change, they want to keep undated with the need and the issue that this field of work is facing in order to provide new solutions.

Who is behind it?

The platform is having different typology of partnerships with different companies and authorities. The Exclusive partners are the one that constitute the advisory board, they are part of the start-ups selecting team and lead the future projects. The Network partners are the one providing technical knowledge for the developments of the start-ups, by organizing workshops and coaching services. The Technologies partners offer, instead, technological support, by leading the start-ups in the best use of them for the projects and integrating them in the company’s events and workshops.The Financial partners offer to the start-ups direct access to funding and venture capital companies, ensuring that the project receive the appropriate financial support.

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