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Smart urban logistics

Citydepot collects the goods at the entrance to the city, stores them, organizes them and then delivers them in the city centre to its customers (companies with recurring orders, individuals…).

What happens here?

CityDepot is a Belgian company operating in several large cities that offers a sustainable solution for the distribution of goods. As part of the last mile logistics, it concentrates goods flows at the entrance to cities and delivers them in an optimized and consolidated way to the urban center using more suitable and cleaner vehicles (bicycles, vans…). The company also proposes to collect, store or assemble goods in a flexible way before delivering them to the city. The project aims to close the loop of goods flows by stimulating the integration of reverse logistics among Brussels economic actors.

What is the relation with the port?

CityDepot’s strategic position inside the port and at the gateway to the city allows them to store the goods delivered and to operate over large areas. Proximity to water allows them to operate multimodally and to deliver some of the goods ending in the city center by water (unlike in Antwerp, where this practice is rather established, Brussels is still testing this possibility with palletized goods other than construction materials).

What is the relation with the city?

Proximity to the city is crucial for CityDepot because the short distances to be covered by freight transport allow to break-up total volumes into small deliveries that can be transported by alternative vehicles, cleaner because electrically propelled.

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