Waterbound transport and industrial areas in the province Zuid-Holland (NL)

Year 2023 (March)
Author(s) K.B.J. Van den Berghe, T.P.Y. Tsui, G. Iliopoulos, C. Papadimitriou, A. Arrindell (TUDelft, faculteit Bouwkunde), Thomas Bonte, Tom Fritzgerald (Vereniging Deltametropool ), Merten Nefs (Erasmus UPT)
Commissioner Provincie Zuid-Holland (NL)

Waterbound transport and industrial areas in the province Zuid-Holland: Fore- and backcasting the circular economy to understand the implications for spatial planning today

The central question of this study was: which existing and possibly new business parks in the province of South Holland are important for spatially protecting from redevelopment in the light of several important transitions, such as the circular economy?

To answer this question, two conceptual methods were combined.

First, a forecasting method (from today to tomorrow) was performed, combining a topographical analysis with a topological analysis of ship movements in the summer of 2019. This combination is innovative and has only been carried out to a limited extent. This topographic and topological analysis was then extrapolated to tomorrow, based on the list of requirements obtained from the interviews.

Secondly, a backcasting method (tomorrow to today) was carried out and four different scenarios were developed. These four scenarios are not exact images of the future, but alternative images of possible out-of-the-box trends relevant to water-related business parks in South Holland.

Finally, policy recommendations were derived from the combination of forward and backcasting, and a strategy proposal was formulated.

Cite as: Van den Berghe, K. B. J., Tsui, T. P. Y., Iliopoulos, G., Papadimitriou, C., Arrindell, A., Bonte, T., Fritzgerald, T., & Nefs, M. (2023). Watergebonden transport en bedrijventerreinen in Zuid- Holland. Fore- en backcasting van de circulaire economie om de implicaties voor ruimtelijke planning van vandaag te begrijpen.



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