Three Steps Towards A Sustainable Industry Cluster, Rotterdam-Moerdijk In 2050

Year 2018 (July)
Author(s) Rotterdam-Moerdijk Industry Cluster work group
Commissioner The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate of the Netherlands


The Rotterdam-Moerdijk industry cluster can successfully make the required contribution to the national climate target for the reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030. Over the past few months the work group for the industry cluster has put together a package of measures and projects that could achieve up to almost 10 megatons of annual CO2 reduction (scope 1). This is in keeping with the government’s mandate and, more importantly, it outlines a realistically promising perspective for a sustainable industry cluster in 2050.

The work group has drawn up a roadmap to 2050 that introduces far-reaching innovation while at the same time gives existing industry in the region the time it needs to make adjustments to its business processes. By doing so, the regional economy will be upheld, levels of employment will be maintained and a new international competitiveness will be established for the future. This is closely in line with the government’s wishes as to how the energy transition should be shaped.

This report will explain the roadmap in greater detail.



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