The investment pipeline and challenges of European ports

Year 2024 (April)
Author(s) Peter de Langen (Ports & Logistics Advisory)
Commissioner ESPO

The investment pipeline and challenges of European ports

The European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) launched this study on the investment pipeline and investment challenges of European ports, as an update of the ESPO study on investment needs of the EU ports of 2018. As in 2018, the study is largely based on a survey among European Port Managing Bodies (PMBs). An update is relevant in view of the changing landscape in which ports operate, with greater attention to the transition to sustainable energy as well as geopolitical considerations in port development. This study provides insight in the planned investment projects of the Europe’s PMBs and addresses the PMBs’ changing service provision and investment drivers, as well as sheds light on the existing investment barriers.

Source and image: ESPO



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