Sustainable development Port of Zwolle

Year 2022 (April)
Team Stec Group, New Economy, Panteia & Defacto
Commissioner Municipalities Zwolle, Kampen en Meppel, Stichting NICE (Noordelijk Innovatielab Circulaire Economie)

Research on the sustainable development of the port area of Zwolle

As a region, it is very important to take steps to develop a sustainable and future-proof region. The Regio Deal with the Dutch government strengthens the region as a social, circular, innovative and climate-proof region. The aim is for Zwolle to become the fourth most important economic region in the Netherlands by 2030. The Zwolle port area is where the sustainability themes converge and therefore has a place in this Region Deal with the project ‘Logistic hub for circular activity’. It examined the opportunities, threats, feasibility and potential of sustainable port development in Kampen (Melmerpolder), Meppel (Oevers S) and the logistics business park in Zwolle (Hessenpoort), taking into account the ambitions of the Zwolle region.

The municipalities of Zwolle, Kampen and Meppel and the NICE Foundation (Noordelijk Innovatielab Circulaire Economie) are joint clients for this study and, together with the Port of Zwolle, supervised the study. The study was carried out by a consortium (Stec Groep, Panteia, New Economy and Defacto) led by Stec Groep.

The study resulted in a solid and qualitative report, which well addresses the fact that there is a challenge in the field of sustainability, circularity and energy in business parks in general and certainly around the ports. The report was discussed with companies, business associations, civil society organisations and other stakeholders. The results will be incorporated into a position paper. The municipalities, the Port of Zwolle and NICE will thus adopt a joint position on the sustainable development of the ports in the Zwolle region.


Source: Port of Zwolle



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