Shareholder Strategy – North Sea Port

Year 2021

Context and goals of the NSP’s Shareholder Strategy

In 2018, Ghent Port Authority and Zeeland Seaports merged. This merger resulted in the cross-border port company North Sea Port SE (North Sea Port). The eight public shareholders include four Dutch parties (Province of Zeeland, Municipalities of Borsele, Terneuzen and Vlissingen) and four Flemish parties (Province of East Flanders, City of Ghent, Municipality of Evergem and Municipality of Zelzate). Following the merger, the ambition was expressed to draw up this consolidated shareholder strategy for the North Sea port.

The shareholder strategy contains strategic guidelines for the next five years. The shareholder strategy of North Sea Port has been drawn up with the following objectives:

  • To give North Sea Port a clear direction that is in line with the public objectives.
  • To safeguard the public interest of the shareholders.
  • Align the shareholders with regard to the strategy to be followed and to indicate together where the shareholders’ priorities lie.
  • Giving direction to North Sea Port’s business plan which, together with this strategy, sets the course for the future.
  • Provide a framework within which North Sea Port should operate. By clearly defining this framework, North Sea Port will be able to make strategic decisions more effectively and autonomously.
  • Delineate where responsibilities and expectations lie at the interface between the shareholders and North Sea Port. By mapping these interfaces, the authorities and North Sea Port can work together more effectively.

It is envisaged that North Sea Port’s results and plans will be tested against the shareholders’ strategy on an annual basis.

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