Metabolism of Antwerp, city of flows

Year 2017-2018 (January)
Author(s) FABRICations, Universiteit Antwerpen, marco.broekman, Common Ground.
Commissioner Stad Antwerpen (City of Antwerp), Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij (OVAM). Partners: Team Vlaams Bouwmeester, Ruimte Vlaanderen (Vlaams departement Omgeving), Port of Antwerp

The research ‘Metabolism of Antwerp, city of flows’ examines the question of how goods, biomass, waste, energy, people, air and data move in and around the metropolis of Antwerp. How do these flows influence the quality of life and which physical, direct and indirect relationships exist in a spatial sense? Where are the most opportunities to continue working? How can this be made transparent and useful and give direction to policy and stakeholders in society?

This research project is part of the trajectory ‘Antwerp, the circular city of tomorrow’ that aims to generate new insights at the intersection of urbanity, circular economy and spatial challenges in the Antwerp context (metropolis: city and port). On the one hand, the process must feed the updating of the strategic spatial structure plan for Antwerp and enable the policy to place the right emphasis strategically and operationally in interaction with everyone who wants to be involved: companies, citizens and organizations. On the other hand, Antwerp can be a test case to investigate how we can close cycles on a larger, city-regional scale and evolve towards sustainable, circular cities.



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