Integration of Eco-centric Views of Sustainability in Port Planning

Year 2020 (April)
Author(s) Xiaofang Wu, Luoping Zhang, Hsi-Chi Yang


The sustainability approach commits to conserving natural resources and biodiversity. In ports, many efforts that encourage improvement in sustainability exist, such as sustainable ports, eco-ports, or green ports. However, whether the current planning approaches for sustainable ports, eco-ports, and green ports can effectively achieve sustainability remains a question. This study aims to discuss this issue through a literature review. The main findings include (1) the current sustainable port planning following the ambitions of sustainable development and aiming to fulfill this generation’s needs; (2) the eco-port planning approaches emphasizing environmental protection; (3) the planning approaches for green ports that have emerged within environmental management and give attention to the ecological issues; (4) all of the three approaches prioritizing environmental issues. We argue for the integration of eco-centric views for sustainability in port planning from a maritime supply chain perspective, and based on this, the concept of the green port is proposed. This study provides broad and mindful information regarding port sustainability education and can help foster innovation in order to face the challenges in sustainability.

Keywords: sustainable port; eco-port; green port; sustainability approach; eco-centric perspective; sustainability education

Cite as: Xiaofang Wu; Luoping Zhang; Hsi-Chi Yang; Integration of Eco-centric Views of Sustainability in Port Planning. Sustainability 202012, 2971, 10.3390/su12072971.




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