ESPO Green Guide 2021

Year 2021 (September)
Author(s) European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO)

Green Guide 2021 – A Manual for European Ports Towards a Green Future

The ESPO Green Guide 2021 provides Europe’s ports with tools and concrete guidance for greening, and comes as a response to the main environmental challenges currently facing the port sector with climate change being by far the most urgent. The Guide is a bottom-up initiative from the port sector. It provides a vision for ports in a green future, and steps up the ambition of ports in response to raised climate and environmental targets on the European level.

The commitment of Europe’s ports on environment and sustainability is not new. Creating an environmental Code of Practice was the first common initiative of the members of ESPO when the Organisation was created in 1993. Since then, the document has been updated and revised twice, meeting the challenges of the day.

The ESPO Green Guide 2021 builds on the previous guide(s), but takes it a step further. It corresponds to the changing environmental context in which ports are operating and today’s environmental priorities of European ports. It includes a template for individual port roadmaps, and a checklist of greening tools available to port authorities.

The new Guide also includes a comprehensive and updated overview of port-relevant EU and international legislation. For the first time, the Green Guide is accompanied by a new and continuously updated digital database of good green practices from European ports. Over 70+ good practices are already available at



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