Economie circulaire et écosystèmes portuaires

Year 2015 (December)
Author(s) Yann Alix, Nicolas Mat, Juliette Cerceau

Circular economy and port ecosystems

For the fourth volume of the Oceanides collection, the SEFACIL Foundation continues to innovate on topics that are important for the future of the maritime, port and logistics sectors. The theme of circular economy and industrial ecology has animated a network of more than 50 specialists for this new work of applied and multidisciplinary research.

This new book in the “Les Océanides” collection looks at the role that port areas are playing and will play in the coming decades in the face of these challenges, by incorporating the principles, concepts and tools of circular economy and industrial ecology in their development strategies and actions, with a view to optimising resource management globally and locally. In addition to its relevance and interest for the international scientific community, which has been working in the field of industrial ecology for some thirty years, this book is also highly topical in economic and political terms. Through the testimonies and feedback of nearly fifty national and international stakeholders from port areas in Asia, Africa and Europe, this collaborative work presents, without claiming to be exhaustive, a diverse range of ongoing and planned initiatives in the field of circular economy and industrial ecology in port areas around the world.

François-Michel LAMBERT, Président-fondateur de l’Institut d’Economie Circulaire et Vice-Président de la Commission Développement Durable et Aménagement du Territoire de l’Assemblée Nationale: “Par le volume des flux qui y transite et l’importance des installations de transformation implantées, les espaces industrialo-portuaires concentrent des enjeux d’ordre économique, social et environnemental considérables et jouent un rôle d’interface majeur entre les territoires. En matière d’économie circulaire, cet ouvrage apporte un éclairage original : les nombreuses opérations présentées témoignent du dynamisme dans la recherche de solutions au sein des écosystèmes portuaires, tant au niveau académique qu’opérationnel. Il constitue un point d’étape nécessaire qui alimentera utilement les réflexions de tous les acteurs du domaine.”

Source: Editions EMS



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