Accelerating the circular economy in Europe

Year 2024 (March)
Author(s) European Environmental Agency (EEA)

Accelerating the circular economy in Europe — State and outlook 2024

The circular economy is now a widely accepted concept. It goes beyond just managing waste: it is more about keeping the value of materials high and making them last longer in their intended use. It also seeks to design unnecessary material use out of the economy. This requires new business models and a more decisive transition from ownership models to service-based solutions. A comprehensive set of new circularity policies has been introduced at EU level and there is evidence of increased circular activities in EU Member States.

This European Environment Agency report gives a comprehensive analysis of how the EU is doing in the transition to a more circular economy. It explores the strong policy push seen under the EU’s Green Deal and looks at ways to speed up the transition.

Source: EEA



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