Synerzip – Le Havre

An ecosystem mobilized around ecological and economic efficiency

It is a question of allowing the actors of this territory to get to know each other and to make their skills known. Many, of a smaller size, would not dare to knock on the door of a Total, Renault or Safran. Our goal: to irrigate.

What happens here?

Synerzip-LH is a federating association of 80 companies concerned around operational industrial port actions, particularly in terms of safety. It aims, around a common language, to create synergies between the 230 companies of the Le Havre ZIP in terms of safety, hygiene, environment, utilities or material flows. All this by pooling services, networks and know-how with the main objective of increasing attractiveness in a globalized competition. Synerzip-LH thus forms an ecosystem mobilized around ecological and economic efficiency.

What is the relation with the port?

Bringing together directly all the port and industrial actors of the port area around a common discussion, the Synerzip platform is in direct contact with port issues.

What are the ambitions?

The main ambitions are therefore to respond to the PPRT of the Le Havre ZIP approved in October 2016 through meetings and debates in order to manage the coordination of emergency measures but also the creation of synergies between port actors with a view to pooling common approaches. This renewal of local governance was seen as “an important step forward” in the implementation of industrial ecology.

Who is behind it?

In France, some public policies support the implementation of industrial ecology initiatives at the scale of industrial complexes, suggesting a multiplication of eco-sites within major economic platforms. This is the case in particular with the circular of 25 June 2014 on the treatment of economic platforms in the context of technological risk prevention plans (PPRT): in targeted areas such as the Port of Le Havre and the Port of Dunkirk, among others, the rules relating to the preparation of PPRTs can thus be adapted in order to facilitate direct technical links with the companies on the platform, in the form of sharing equipment, utilities or services, or an exchange of raw materials or process materials.

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