Smart Port Initiatives – Hamburg

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What’s happening? How does it happen?

In the port of Hamburg, the HPA (Hamburg Port Authority) changed and invested in a new control system based on digital intelligence which is guaranteeing more efficient operations. Thanks to the SmartPort philosophy the port is achieving sustainable economic growth trying to maximize the benefit for the people of the harbor and of the city and, at the same time minimizing the environmental impact. The port efficiency has been improved thanks to sensor for traffic flows and goods, the SmartPort logistic is combining economic and ecologic aspect in three different strategies: control on traffic flows, improvement of infrastructure and flow of goods. The HPA is promoting environmental friendly mobility within the harbor reducing the energy consumption limiting the dependence of the port from conventionally generated energy therefore reducing emission.

Why is this an interesting circular initiative for ports?

The smartPORT project is focusing on streamlining operations within the Port of Hamburg and is aiming to build on the green energy strategy of the port as well as focusing on intelligent traffic and trade flows. One of the projects introduced by the SmartPort initiatives is the shore power from renewable energy, in. fact this is letting the cruises that are arriving in the Hamburg port to be supplied by power sourced by renewable energy, furthermore the ocean-going vessels are supplied with electricity through a transformer station and a mobile transfer machine at the cruise ship terminal. Another strategy within the SmartPort project is focusing on innovative technologies regarding renewable energy, in which the HPA is also experimenting at the policy making level.

What is the relation with the port and water?

The SmartPort initiatives are initiated by the Hamburg port Authority (HPA) which is the public authority in charge for the management and the functioning of the port. These initiatives are born as a general strategy for the whole functioning of the port, trying to impro it from and economical end ecological aspect.

What is the relation with the city?

The strategic vision for the Hamburg port is having a direct impact also to the city of Hamburg. Strategizing on the port mobility is a direct consequence of more general and comprehensive problem in the regards of the city of Hamburg. This means that there is a string relation between the strategic vision and functioning of the city and the port, together with close collaboration of the different public authorities.

What are the ambitions?

The HPA wants to start a series of collaborations with private actors in order to implements the innovative technologies regarding the port mobility and infrastructure. The future of the Port of Hamburg is toward intelligent infrastructure for autonomous driving and AI for system support.

Who is behind it?

The SmartPort initiatives have been planned and proposed by the Hamburg Port Authority, following the guidelines and goals of the city of Hamburg public authority.


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