Smart Delta Resources – North Sea Port

A platform focused on reducing their usage of valuable resources by having an industrial symbiosis

The platform of Smart Delta Resources is looking for an industrial symbiosis to reduce CO2 by 2050. It is therefore evident that many big multinational companies are part of the platform. To make sure that the industrial symbiosis is possible, a research is done by the Energy research Center Netherlands to look for the potentials. The aim is to connect these companies with eachother to profit from each others waste byproducts. Topics are waste streams as hydrogen, heat, CO2…

What happens here?

Eleven companies in Zeeland, Brabant and EastFlanders, who use a significant amount of energy and resources, want to reduce their usage of these valuable resources by having a industrial symbiosis. Industrial connections will be made and interesting business cases come to the foreground. Production processes and infrastructure has to be rethought to be CO2 neutral by 2050.

What is the relation with the port?

Big companies are using the port as their basis, therefore it is evident that the focus of CO2 reduction is positioned here.

What is the relation with the city?

There is no direct relationship with the city found. In the future, it is possible to connect the big companies waste streams to the network.

What are the ambitions?

With the creation of the platform, they want to establish two goals: contributing to the climate changeĀ and all transitions and establishing the region as a strong international economical position towards other industrial regions. A strong business case is the core of the platform.

Who is behind it?

All participating companies play a leading role in the chemical, steel, energy or food industry. Research by Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland/Energy research Center Netherlands (ECN) of the waste, energy and resources, affirmated the potential of industrial symbiosis.

Companies in the North Sea Port: Dow Benelux / Trinseo / Yara / ICL-IP / Cargill / ArcelorMittal / Engie Electrabel / Zeeland Refinery / (Vlissingen)

Other companies in the Netherlands: Suiker Unie / Sabic / Lambweston

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