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The innovation hub of the Amsterdam port

What’s happening? How does it happen?

Prodock is the innovation hub of the Amsterdam port where entrepreneurs, both growing and established, can develop and roll out their products and processes. Prodock offers 4000m2 industrial workshop, office and outdoor space that are rented in a ‘plug & play’ way. An example of such a company is a spin-off from the municipal company Waternet that wants to soften water with lime granules. In this new treatment process calcite can be obtained as residue, which in turn can be a secondary resource for glass, floor covering and paint.

Why is this an interesting circular initiative for ports?

The port of Amsterdam is rather isolated from the city and industrial in scale and activities. Offering space and facilities for testing attracts new kinds of entrepeneurs that can foster new synergies and symbiosis between port and city.

What is the relation with the port and water?

The Port of Amsterdam is making great efforts to attract small entrepeneurs. These start-ups bring innovation (specifically in the bio-based economy). The port authority also looks a step further and facilitate the start-ups to grow to the industrial scale of the port, reserving specific area’s inside the port for this future growth.

What is the relation with the city?

Prodock offers a community with opportunities for cross-pollination and a platform with a lot of exposure. They program and manage the place so ‘spontaneous’ encounters can trigger exchange and innovations. The connectivity to the airport, reflects the international character and range of businesses they wish to attract.

What are the ambitions?

The development and commercial roll-out of new products and processes in the industrial port. This specifically in the biobased economy, as an alternative to the old, fossil-based industrial processes. So far, Prodock was a greas succes and proven the value of having a meeting place inside the port area, close to the companies, that fosters interaction and exchange. Now, the Port Authority is looking at a Prodock 2 for medium scaled enterprises – it appears that there is need far an in-between facility, with adequent infrastructure (high pressure, heath,…), that can bridge the gap towards industrial plants and processes.

Who is behind it?

An initiative of the Port Authority of Amsterdam; to offer an accessible way to establish a (industrial) business. Private partners involved who are responsible for a ‘community network’ are: iTanks (a knowledge and innovation platform) and PNO consultants (subsidy and innovation advice). There are currently 13 companies present, linked to the biobased or circular economy.

Accompanying case sheet visualising the process

From startups to corporates, thinkers to doers, and from knowledge to cash, Prodock puts your company in touch with the right partners to achieve your goals.

Watch this Prodock video pitch

Best practice demonstrating the building block ‘Island of Urbanity’

James Hallworth – Commercial Manager Circular and Renewable Industry, Port of Amsterdam


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