Bio Base Europe Training Center – North Sea Port


“Information, training and networking in the biobased economy field”

As part of Bio Base Europe, the training center wants to connect to all kinds of people. Schools can have an interactive tour in the training center with different themes as sustainability, biomass, overpopulation, technology and job orientation, together with a workshop. Also other groups can be trained and informed here with interactive parts and subjects. As an important player in the biobased economy, the training center also wants to connect different actors in the biobased economy, sustainability and innovation sectors. Also the Bio Base Experience, the exposition in the center, wants to connect biobased ideas and technology to the greater public.

What happens here?

Based in Terneuzen, this location is important for all events and education on sustainability, mainly in the biobased economy and techniques. Bio Base Europe Training Center gives information, training and the possibility to network. Bio Base Europe is the first open innovation and training center in Europe for biobased economy. The aim is to accelerate an economic growth, to innovate capacity and have a sustainable development of our society.

Conferences can be held here, expositions take place or there is a lab where they can have a handson experience. Themes are biobased economy, circular exonomy and other economy related acitivities in the region.

What is the relation with the port?

The training center has no direct connection to the water or port life, but its location is crucial since biobased economy in Ghent is growing. It is evident that the traning center, together with the Bio Base Pilot Plant, will help to strengten this trend in the port of Ghent.

What is the relation with the city?

The university of Ghent is known as a well advanced biotechnology researcher. However, no direct link with the Base Pilot Plant is found.What are the ambitions?The training Center is an important place for people interested in sustainability, since collaborations and the netwerk of Bio Base Europe play an important role in bringing together biobased actors.

Who is behind it?

The Bio Base Europe Training Center is initiated from the Province of Zeeland, Municipality of Terneuzen, North Sea Port, Province of East-Flanders, Biopark Terneuzen and Scalda, a school for vocational education and adult education. The basis of Bio Base Europe are Ghent Bio-Economy Valley and Biopark Terneuzen.


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