Port of Antwerp and OVAM working together towards more circularity

Port of Antwerp and OVAM working together towards more circularity

With their expertise in logistics, recycling and chemical industries, ports have the potential to become circular hotspots. But the challenges they face are complex. That is why it is important to join forces. In this context, Port of Antwerp, OVAM and Circular Flanders concluded a collaboration agreement to make the sustainability transition a reality over the next three years.

Recycling hub

The focus is on waste, materials and soil management. The partners will work among other things on sustainable land use, more transparency in the material chains and the destinations of waste materials, more insight into the production of waste materials and the use of (secondary) raw materials, and less packaging waste in ship supplies. They are also supporting the development of Flanders as a recycling hub.

In addition, the partners are making it a priority to accelerate the circular transition. For example, by guaranteeing an interface with policy frameworks, the circular economy work agendas of Circular Flanders and the Flemish port strategy.

Putting ambitions into practice

The various ports in our country are, on the one hand, drafting ambitious short- and long-term plans to make the transition to a circular economy a reality. On the other hand, innovative circular initiatives are emerging in practice to accelerate the switch to circularity, but often without a defined framework. These two levels of action need to get connected, cooperation is needed at different levels. OVAM and Circular Flanders offer to leverage their knowledge and expertise to be the link between those different levels of action.

This article “Port of Antwerp en OVAM bouwen aan circulaire haven” first appeared (in Dutch) on OVAM.link – March, 2021.



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