North Sea Port extends Chair at Ghent University for 5 years

North Sea Port extends Chair at Ghent University for 5 years

This academic year, students from Ghent University will once again be able to immerse themselves in the workings of the port. The port authority is sponsoring the ‘North Sea Port Chair’ for another 5 years.

“With the Chair, North Sea Port wants to give port and maritime economic expertise an even stronger foothold at Ghent University. As a sponsor, North Sea Port wants to promote the exchange of knowledge and encourage research and development,” says CEO Daan Schalck.

North Sea Port wants to promote the exchange of knowledge and encourage research and development

Professor Klaas Willaert, Director of the Maritime Institute and member of the Department of European, Public and International Law of the Faculty of Law and Criminology: “This expertise will be used in the teaching of the inter-university Master in Maritime Science, a multi-disciplinary programme including legal, economic and technical subjects. In addition, the chair offers the opportunity to conduct research and provide services at the Maritime Institute of Ghent University.

The Chair also promotes partnerships with foreign universities and contributes to the international image of Ghent University and the North Sea Port as a leading European port.

The chair was established in 2016. The Maritime Institute and the Port Authority have been partners in continuing education for almost three decades, working together on the ‘Permanent Training in Port Management’ programme.

The chair is held by Professor Theo Notteboom, who focuses on teaching, research and service at the Maritime Institute of Ghent University.

The North Sea Port Chair enables Professor Theo Notteboom to expand his teaching activities within the MSc Maritime Science. In addition to ‘Maritime and Port Economics’, Professor Notteboom will now also teach ‘Port Planning’ as part of this international, multidisciplinary post-masters programme. In addition, Professor Notteboom, in his role as chair holder, supports various activities within North Sea Port, such as the North Sea Port Conference, which will take place in Ghent on 23 November. Professor Notteboom also acts as a link between the Maritime Institute of Ghent University and several foreign maritime universities.

Professor Notteboom has extensive international research experience, including stints at Dalian Maritime University and Shanghai Maritime University (China), the two largest maritime universities in the world. The maritime expert is also Professor at the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp Maritime Academy, Visiting Professor at the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden, and MPA Visiting Professor in Port Management at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. He is one of the driving forces behind the international online knowledge platform Notteboom is vice-chairman and former chairman of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) and co-author of IAPH’s World Ports Tracker reports. Last year, together with colleagues Thanos Pallis (Greece) and Jean-Paul Rodrigue (USA), he published the authoritative handbook ‘Port Economics, Management and Policy’.

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