New call for collaborations on ‘circular business models’

Business model
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Circular Chain Collaboration

The new call ‘Circular Chain Collaboration’ (Flemish Region) supports pilot projects of companies and organisations that jointly develop a circular business model. This involves the development, testing and implementation of a circular product, process or service. Partnerships will receive 80% funding and a maximum of € 100,000 per project.

Who can apply?

The application must be submitted by a partnership of at least 2 unrelated SMEs. The partnership can be complemented with any partners needed to continue the chain beyond this project.

Which services are eligible?

Setting up a collaborative and common circular business model can be challenging, expensive and complex. The development of such a common business model and its concrete implementation can therefore be supported by this instrument.

As each project will require a different approach, it is envisaged that a wide range of actions and activities will be possible. They may also include a combination of these activities:

  • Understanding needs and challenges
  • Setting common objectives
  • Facilitating pilot projects
  • Developing circular business models
  • Sharing data and information
  • Developing proof of concepts

Source: Vlaio

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For whom?

Partnership with at least 2 SMEs, supplemented by any partners needed.

For what?

A common circular business model and implementation.


80% support and max. € 100,000 per project.

Call active

From 15/05/2024 8AM to 13/06/2024 2PM.



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