New bio-methanol plant to be built at Biopark in the port of Amsterdam

GIDARA Energy announced that it has received the environmental permit for the bio-methanol plant to be built at Biopark, in the port of Amsterdam. A new stage in the development of the plant to be built. This facility converts local waste into advanced methanol. The environmental permit, granted by Province of North Holland, allows GIDARA Energy to build its Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) biofuels plant.

The renewable methanol facility will use GIDARA Energy’s patented HTW® gasification technology to convert waste into bio methanol, a versatile fuel that can be used in road transport, in the maritime sector, and for producing sustainable aviation fuels. Obtaining this permit is a major milestone in the development of the facility, enabling the production of renewable fuels and, in the future, high quality circular chemicals.

360,000 tons of waste converted into 90,000 tons of renewable methanol every year

Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) is set to be built at BioPark, the primary development site for producers of renewable fuels in the Port of Amsterdam. The facility will convert approximately 360,000 tons of waste into 90,000 tons of renewable methanol every year.

Roon van Maanen, Head of Energy & Circular Industry at the Port of Amsterdam, said, ‘’Congratulations to GIDARA Energy on this important step in the realization of their sustainable methanol plant. The Port of Amsterdam facilitates companies that promote circular activities and the energy transition. GIDARA’s plant, which transforms waste into methanol, is a stellar example that will fit seamlessly into our port’s sustainability goals. We look forward to the moment they break ground.”  

This post Environmental permit for methanol plant at port of Amsterdam | Port of Amsterdam first appeared on the Port of Amsterdam news site on May 9, 2023.

Images credit: Port of Amsterdam

BioPark at Port of Amsterdam

The biofuel plant will be built at BioPark. This is a development site in the Port of Amsterdam for producers of renewable fuels. In order to meet the needs of its customers, Port of Amsterdam and its partners are investing in energy infrastructure for hydrogen, steam, electricity and CO2. There are a number of terminals nearby to collaborate on the storage, transhipment and blending of raw materials. BioPark also has a 365 metre long deep-water quay. This makes BioPark an attractive location for these circular customers.

It is one thing to welcome new initiatives in the circular economy and want to facilitate the energy transition. It is another thing to actually clear scarce land for it. With BioPark, a site in the heart of the Amsterdam port, that is exactly what we do. This 20-hectare site will be the center for the production of renewable fuels.



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