Holland Circular Hotspot to partner with Chemport Europe and Groningen Seaports

Joining forces to spread green chemistry solutions and share knowledge on innovation hubs and circular transition.

Holland Circular Hotspot and Chemport Europe – Groningen Seaports (GSP) have confirmed their cooperation by signing an agreement. They will work together to promote a circular economy that harnesses the potential of biorefineries, green chemistry and green energy within and beyond European borders, thereby strengthening circularity globally.

On 14 September in The Hague, the organisations entered into a strategic partnership that will strengthen their cooperation towards a circular transition and create new business opportunities for the chemical industry. The signing took place during the annual Prinsjesfestival in The Hague, where the province of Groningen is presenting this year.

Chemport Europe is an innovative ecosystem working towards a thriving, sustainable chemical sector in the North of the Netherlands, of which Circular Plastics is one of the 4 focus areas.

Based on a shared vision to promote the Dutch circular economy

After working together with Holland Circular Hotspot during several Dutch trade missions and initiatives, Chemport Europe and Groningen Seaports decided to expand and formalise the cooperation with HCH.

This new cooperation is based on a shared vision to promote the Dutch circular economy approach and solutions internationally. The collaboration between Chemport Europe, Groningen Seaports and Holland Circular Hotspot creates a broad network for the green chemistry ecosystem from their respective areas of expertise.

Chemport Europe has a diverse ecosystem of more than 120 companies and knowledge institutions that can contribute to the presentation of solutions along the entire value chain. Groningen Seaports is a key player in this network, with highly developed industries for end-use solutions within the plastics, electronics and wind turbine industries.

Henk Brink, Chairman Chemport Europe: “We are looking forward to working with Holland Circular Hotspot. Innovations from the Chemport region offer solutions to global challenges and I am confident that the collaboration with Holland Circular Hotspot will strengthen our message internationally”.

Cas K├Ânig, CEO of Groningen Seaports: “The collaboration with Holland Circular Hotspot fits perfectly with the international perspective we have as a port in the circular field. You don’t build circular chains alone, but together in a global market. With this partnership we intensify the necessary cooperation with international trading partners, regions and clusters”.

Freek van Eijk, CEO of Holland Circular Hotspot: “We are very pleased to enter into this cooperation with Chemport and Groningen Seaports. This hub clearly demonstrates that sharing and combining material flows in one physical location creates innovative solutions for a circular economy. We look forward to sharing the success of the hub and its more than 100 companies with our international network”.

As the Dutch frontrunner in sustainable chemistry, Chemport Europe has actively developed an ecosystem that implements green chemistry solutions in the northern Netherlands. As a result, circular polymers and recycling play a very important role, alongside bio-based raw materials and CO2 and hydrogen as feedstocks.

This article first appeared on Groningen Seaports News on September 15, 2022



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