For Gent-based metal recycler Galloo, inland waterway transport is becoming increasingly important

Galloo, the Ghent (North Sea Port) based recycling company, has taken a second barge into service, the ‘Galloo II’. The investment is part of a sustainable way of doing business. The Galloo I already transported 120,000 tonnes of scrap by water last year.

Each year, Galloo recycles 1.5 million tonnes of iron, 200,000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals and 40,000 tonnes of plastics. Turning waste into recyclable raw materials requires sustainable transport. Four years ago, the company invested in its first barge, the Galloo I, with a capacity of 2,294 tonnes. This took the equivalent of five thousand trucks off the road last year.

Galloo II

The success of the first barge prompted the company to invest in a second. The Galloo II has a capacity of 1,850 tonnes, is 78 metres long and 10.5 metres wide.

“As a leader in the recycling sector, we have a responsibility to choose sustainable mobility solutions,” says Pierre Vandeputte, managing director of Galloo. “In 2018, we drew the map of inland navigation with the ‘Galloo I’. It soon became clear that our economic growth would allow us to expand the fleet. We also want to adapt new and existing shipyards to water transport or look for transhipment quays nearby.”

North Sea Port

The recycling company has been operating at the North Sea Port (Ghent) for 20 years and considers the port to be an important hub. Thanks to its good relationship with North Sea Port, the port was able to support the purchase of the new barge. “The investment in a new push barge is proof that Galloo’s activities are further anchored in North Sea Port,” says Daan Schalck, CEO of North Sea Port.

Seine-Scheldt Flanders

The new barge was designed for optimal navigation on the river ‘Leie’. This meant compromises in terms of length, width, limited draught and low bridges. The improvement of the waterway between the Seine and the Scheldt is essential for Galloo to organise optimal inland navigation, thanks to deeper channels, wide passing lanes and sufficient clearance under bridges.

This article Gentse Galloo geeft duurzaam schroottransport boost met nieuwe duwbak – Flows by Koen Heinen first appeared on Flows newsite, September 5, 2022.

Image credit: Galloo 


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