First ‘Forum Circular Economy’ in Port of Oostende

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Port Oostende and Economisch Huis Oostende brought together more than 40 entrepreneurs and researchers for the first forum on the circular economy. A moment in which the first steps towards cooperation were taken.

In the inner port of Ostend, a cluster of companies active in the circular economy is slowly but surely taking shape. Next to the West Recycle site is the Canadian company AIM Recycling Europe, which focuses on the processing of non-ferrous materials. Another neighbour, Renasci, is under construction and will process waste by converting it completely into energy and raw materials, with no residual waste. Across the canal is Bionerga’s Biostoom plant, Leo Group’s biofuel plant and Verhelst Group’s Top-Mix & TopAsfalt. Not forgetting AeroCircular, which has set up at Ostend Airport to dismantle aircraft parts. And then there is Dockland, which is using industrial co-siting as a tool for circular initiatives.


Haven Oostende and Economisch Huis Oostende will inform the partners involved about similar initiatives in due course. All suggestions are welcome at

This article first appeared (in Dutch) on Port Oostende News – March 3, 2023.

Image credit: Port of Oostende



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Port OostendePort strategy