North Sea Port Conference 2023 in Gent

On Thursday 23 November, the North Sea Port Conference will be held in Ghent. The North Sea Port Conference will discuss the social and economic challenges facing ports and industry in Europe. It will look at how cooperation between medium-sized seaports in the EU can play a role in addressing these challenges. Various experts, each with their own background, will discuss topics such as geopolitical and economic developments, TEN-T corridors and energy transition.

As well as current developments within North Sea Port, the following topics will be covered:

  • A successful TEN-T transport network for a sustainably connected Europe.
  • Energy transition: how can Europe’s ports be transformed into an energy hub?
  • Cooperation among medium-sized European ports: at what levels can they work together to achieve common goals?

These questions will be explored through panel discussions and presentations involving industry, business and ports. In North Sea Port; in Ghent; on the eve of the Belgian EU Presidency. What’s more, there are many companies in the North Sea Port area to visit.

The North Sea Port Conference is an initiative of Nieuwsblad Transport in partnership with North Sea Port.