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Circularity is an opportunity to secure our leading position in the international maritime sector by saving valuable materials and intensifying cooperation. This is the main conclusion of the research report ‘Circular opportunities for maritime: building blocks for business, now and in the future’ by the Maritime Sisters and BlueCity, commissioned by the Province of Zuid-Holland.

Smarter use of materials can create added value for companies and the sector. Cost savings, reduced dependence on strategic raw materials, employment and differentiation are all reasons for maritime companies to actively pursue circular opportunities. Maintaining the value of raw materials and a sustainable way of working are also essential for a sustainable future.

Circular maritime sector

A number of circular approaches emerged from the survey.

One is to significantly increase the usability of the existing fleet by adapting existing components. High-quality reuse of individual components and, in the future, entire ships, can also bring significant economic and environmental benefits. It can also be an answer to the limited availability of parts and raw materials. Finally, there is the modular design and construction of ships. This has the advantage that individual components and systems can be replaced more easily. This extends the life of both the ship and its components. It also means less waste and the greatest possible conservation of important materials. Financing and laws and regulations that take a long-term view are important starting points.

Meindert Stolk, Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs and Innovation: “To achieve the national circular economy ambition, every sector must play its part. It is good to see that maritime manufacturing companies want to take this forward”.

Jeannette Baljeu, Deputy Commissioner for Transition Ports and Industry, is also pleased with the study. “The report provides good points for setting an agenda for the maritime cluster together with the government.”

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At the request of the Province of Zuid-Holland, Circular Zuid-Holland and the coordinator of the maritime economy, the Maritime Sisters, in cooperation with BlueCity, conducted a study on the experiences of market participants with circularity in the maritime sector.

The purpose of this study is to test to what extent the maritime sector is open to circularity and to what extent certain principles are already reflected in the sector. The results of this research are presented in this report.

Source: Province of Zuid-Holland (NL)



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