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New 2023 Circular Ambassador Program (CAP) is now open for enrollment

The transition to a circular economy has begun, yet still faces many challenges. This is why Circular Flanders, in collaboration with The Argonauts & Möbius and supported by the EU LIFE program, offers a brand-new training program that trains participants to become full-fledged Circular Ambassadors, providing them with a unique combination of knowledge ánd skills.

Eager to circularise your organisation, but unsure how to get started? Want to have the knowledge and the confidence to inspire others to do the same? Then sign up for our 7-day interactive training program and become a Circular Ambassador! 

The first edition of the Circular Ambassador Program ran from September till December 2022.


For the next edition in 2023, we enlarge the participants field from Flanders to include also Brussels and Wallonia, for a truly Belgian edition, set for the spring of 2023!


Registration is open now until January 30, 2023 >

Stay tuned with CAP Belgium >

What is the Circular Ambassador Program?

In the circular economy, solutions are often spread across the entire value chain. Requiring a combination of collaborations, sustainable (product) design, circular business models and processes, that is often complex and requires a lot of convincing. This demands not only knowledge of the circular economy, but also the skills to turn that knowledge into concrete action and initiate change within organisations. That is why, within the Circular Ambassador Program, we train 50 participants to become Circular Ambassadors.

In 7 training days, spread across 3 blocks, we will cover the full design process from problem exploration and conceptualisation to implementation. We not only teach knowledge about the circular economy, but also provide the necessary creative and leadership skills to truly make change happen in your environment. The knowledge and skills acquired are immediately applied to concrete cases from the field.

What makes a circular ambassador? As an ambassador, we expect you to commit to sharing knowledge, tools and skills that enable and accelerate the transition to a circular economy. You can do this in your own way, in your own context by sharing your experiences with, activating and/or inspiring others.

For whom?

We are looking for people who are eager to make an impact within their own professional environment. Do you have a broad network in which you can share the circular mindset? Are you ready to convince people to move towards a circular value chain? Are you starting work in the near future and would you like to bring a new direction into a company? Or do you bring years of experience to CAP that helps activate others and implement change?

We are looking for you: Coaches, trainers, consultants, profiles with sustainability functions within the regular- and social economy, entrepreneurs and final-year students.

The program

The program consists of 7 training days divided into three blocks. Between these blocks, there is one day of homework, in preparation for an interim coaching session. During the CAP, you are divided into multidisciplinary groups of five participants. In this group you will work on a demand-driven, topical case within the circular economy, using design methods taught through an interactive and creative process.

What can you expect?

  • Qualitative 7-day training at 3 inspiring locations
  • Coaching by experts in the circular economy
  • Collaboration in multidisciplinary teams of (young) professionals
  • Opportunities to expand your professional circular network
  • Inclusion in the Flanders Circular CircleAid experts database
  • Working around actual cases: You get the choice to work around one of the current cases from one of the domains below: Bio-economy/ Circular building/ Chemistry & Plastics/ Manufacturing/ Food chain/ Water cycles


Training days:
2-3 March 2023
27-29 March 2023
4-5 May 2023

Interim coaching (45 min):
17 March 2023 & 19 April 2023

Closing event: 17 May 2023

Price: €950*
€95 for students, €450 for social economy

* SME portfolio possible (up to 30% subsidy for Flemish SMEs)



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