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Source Maritime Campus Antwerp (MCA)

The shipping and maritime industry is in the early stages of understanding and applying circular economy principles throughout the lifecycle of ships. The industry is facing major decarbonisation and sustainability efforts, a larger global fleet and an urgent need for more reuse and recycling capacity (SSI, 2BHonest, 2021). These circumstances are the ‘perfect storm’ and thus a great opportunity for the maritime industry to start applying circular principles throughout the lifecycle of every ship, starting from design.

Inspiration Session Circular Ship Design

Earlier this month Circular Flanders, Maritime Campus Antwerp (MCA) and switchrs held an inspiration session on circular ship design.

We challenged the participants to think about the possibilities of circular innovation within the maritime industry.

And this was just the beginning, as a tailor-made skills course will be set up to become a Circular Innovation Manager within your maritime company. This could also be the spark that initiates a longer innovation journey.

Circular Innovation Manager in the maritime industry

Circular innovation is not a magic trick. It is a process best learned by doing!

In partnership with Circular Flanders and switchrs, Martime Campus Antwerp (MCA) has set up an exclusive, tailor-made course for 10 professionals to become Circular Innovation Manager with a specific focus on the maritime industry.

Do you want to be on the frontline of the circular transition and translate its challenges into opportunities?

What is this course about?

In this skill course you will develop a circular business case for your company to seize the countless business opportunities it provides.

In the coming years the circular economy will transform the world profoundly. We believe that companies are the most important drivers of this transformation and invite you to become part of that transformation.

What’s in it for you?

We want you to learn how to do our job! To bring circular innovation into the heart of your company. To seize the business opportunities that emerge from it.

‍In this skill course we teach you how to introduce and facilitate circular innovation in your own company. You will define your role as a Circular Innovation Manager in your workplace. You will also develop a circular business case for your company.

‍We will provide you with the right support, insights and one-on-one feedback to successfully finish this course.

APPLY before 12 January 2024 to become a true expert who uses its full potential to develop new business opportunities for your company.

Watch the Keynote and the recap of the Inspiration Session



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