Indicator 4. Share of circular start-ups in the port area which make use of incubation services

What this indicator measures

What is a circular start-up? Examples of circular start-up’s can be found under Cases (link toevoegen).

Examples of incubation services: Prodock (Port of Amsterdam), Circular Kickstart (Antwerp, Gent, Bruges).

Link to a (sample) matching strategic goal

  • “Actively promote cluster activities, especially in the field of the circular industry through networking, seminars and events” (Port of Oostende – Annual Report XXXX)
  • “Thorough cooperation, cocreation and input of knowledge, funding,…” (North Sea Port, Connect 2025 –  Strategic Plan 2021-2025)
  • “Support programmes developed by the port for companies who want to engage in the circular economy (E.g. financial stimulants, expertise, transport facilitators,…). This allows them to speed up their transition to a circular operation” (Port of Brussels, Beheerscontract 2021- 2025)

How data are collected and managed

The data for the denominator is likely to be held by the Port Management Body (PMB), which can then be compared to the list of members of local incubators.

Current limitations

There may be circular start-ups which are aware of the existence of easily accessible incubation services. However, they may not require these services because they are capable of working on their own. A low value of this indicator, therefore, does not necessarily mean that there is an issue.

The measure is restricted to the port area, a legally defined territory which is under the management of the Port Management Body (PMB). For example, the boundaries of the Flemish ports are determined by a decision of the Flemish Government.

Where to start and the perspectives to improve