Share of cargo volume of end-of-life materials

Category Waste and Material Flow
Result Level Outcome
Feasibility level Medium
Data type (unit) Quantitative ratio (%)
Data source/provider Port Management Body (PMB)
Method End-of-life materials cargo / total cargo * 100

Indicator 6. Share of cargo volume of end-of-life materials

What this indicator measures


Link to a (sample) matching strategic goal

  • “Keep track of import of products which contribute tot the circular economy” (Port of Brussels – Masterplan 2040)

How data are collected and managed


Current limitations

The count is restricted to the port area, a legally defined territory which is under the management of the Port Authority (PA) or Port Management Body (PMB). For example, the boundaries of the Flemish ports are determined by a decision of the Flemish Government.

It is yet not clear whether all ports use the same categories to define their cargo.

Where to start and the perspectives to improve

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