Indicator 2. Number of circular projects in the port area

What this indicator counts

circular project is defined here as a temporary circular initiative that has recently started. It has not yet passed a minimum efficient scale. The initiative is still in a pilot or test phase and mostly also financially supported by one or more organisations.

Link to a (sample) matching strategic goal

  • “Focus on projects which strengthen the future developments in the circular economy” (Port of Antwerp, Business Plan 2018)

How data are collected and managed

Port Management Bodies (PMBs) are not always aware or alert to the number and nature of circular projects in the port area. To feed (start and update) the indicator, the PMB can organize periodic surveys (whether or not as part of a larger survey) and/or arrange a notification with the port community in the port area.

Current limitations

Besides the accuracy of the count itself, a limitation is that the indicator does not consider the size and quality of the circular project, nor the R-level of circularity the project relates to.

The search area for circular projects is restricted to the port area (without its hinterland), a legally defined territory which is under the management of the Port Authority (PA) or Port Management Body (PMB). For example, the boundaries of the Flemish ports are determined by a decision of the Flemish Government.

Where to start and the perspectives to improve