Creating circular economy clusters for sustainable ship recycling in Denmark

Location Denmark
Year 2021 (November)
Status Final
Language EN
Author(s) Sornn-Friese, Henrik; Roth, Eva; Sofev, Petar; Kaiser, Brooks; Sinding, Knud; Vagsheyg, H.; Eikås, Andrea; Højvik, Hedda; Langhorst, Kevin; Larsen, Frederik T.; Olsen, Tobias; Paulsen, Mathias D.; Lange, B.; and Stuer-Lauridsen, F.
The project reported in this book aims to explore the feasibility of advancing the circular economy around end-of-life (EOL) shipping assets and circular business models for the maritime industry in Denmark through the formation of localized ship recycling clusters and the development of the broader business ecosystem for ships and ship technology.

This research was supported by the Danish Maritime Fund Project ”Sustainable Ship Recycling in Denmark” [#2019-068] and by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada ”Green Shipping Partnership Project” [#895-2017-1003].

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