The potential impact of circular economy in the maritime transport

Currently the maritime industry lags behind other transportation industries in terms of circular economy. With this project we aim to reveal the current position of the maritime industry and demonstrate the advantages of circular economy applications, as well as the opportunities for stakeholders. Through this workshop, we aim to discuss circular economy applications in the maritime industry while exchanging ideas from different stakeholders of the industry. This will help us reveal current barriers, improvement areas and potential benefits for all stakeholders.

Three topics for semi-structured discussions planned are:

  1. Circular economy
  2. Lifespan of maritime assets
  3. Circular economy and decarbonisation

The event is funded by Circular Economy Network + in Transportation Systems. The Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems (CENTS) is a research network for the sustainable transport community, with a focus on the informed design and utilisation of more environmentally friendly, renewable and/or recyclable materials.

CENTS will focus on transport platforms where circular economy (CE) principles have not been well embedded from the outset, in order to identify synergies between different supply chains and to optimise certain practices, such as improved end of life recovery, recycling rates, energy and material efficiency. It will also be ‘forward looking’ in terms of developing future designs, business models and manufacturing approaches so that emergent transport systems are inherently circular.