Scheldeconferentie 2022

On Thursday, October 27, the Scheldeconferentie will focus on the theme of joining forces in the energy transition.

These are turbulent times in the energy crisis, with a major impact on all sectors in and around the ports. The Scheldeconferentie will address the sustainability of the maritime sector, industry and logistics. There is significant investment, planning and innovation, and yet there are still missing links in the chain and we need even more decisiveness. What else is needed?

Meanwhile, we no longer speak of 4 Scheldt ports, but mergers have led to 2 strong port companies. What does this joining of forces mean? The question will be put before the port administrators.


  • The sustainability challenge in industry: energy for the future
  • Port as Raw Material Hub
  • Energy hubs of the future
  • Investing in biofuels
  • Working together on circularity
  • Sustainable maritime sector
  • Realizing hydrogen ambitions