Port & City Days 2021 – AIVP

On the 25th and 26th of November, a new edition of the AIVP Days and the General Assembly will take place in Brussels, Belgium. In cooperation with the Port Authority and the Municipality, we have programmed a rich event, both for the internal functioning of our organization and the content programme.

This meeting will mark the end of the successful 6 years presidency of Mr. Philippe Matthis and the start of a new era in AIVP, with a new president. We will have an opportunity to reflect on the hard past months and present the plans for the future of our organization.

During the two days of the AIVP Days we will host several keynote speeches and roundtables on the different key topics relevant for the present and future of port cities worldwide. We will discuss about main issues related to the AIVP Agenda 2030, such as climate change adaptation, protection of biodiversity, the global challenge of having quality food for all, the restart of cruises and tourism after covid-19 or blue economy and innovation ecosystems in port cities.

A major highlight will be the high-level political roundtable of the first day, to discuss the recent policy package “Fit for 55” presented by the EU. This session, with the confirmed presence of Mr. Edouard Philippe (mayor of Le Havre and former Prime Minister of France) will have a special focus on the energy transition in the maritime sector and urban energy demands. We will also debate on the consequences of the EU Green Deal and its repercussions on the global context.