Mapping European Port City Territories: From Understanding to Design

After the soft launch of Port City Atlas this summer, TU Delft and PortCityFutures, together with nai010 publishers, are organizing the official launch of the Atlas. During this evening, the Atlas will be used to stimulate a dialogue with various experts and decision makers. We will discuss the European and national  context of port city territories and zoom in on the territory of the Port of Rotterdam. The focus will be on how the results of the project or mapping-based research can be used to speculate about the future of port territories through education, planning and design.

Authors Carola Hein, Yvonne van Mil and Lucija Ažman-Momirski will share their expertise and talk with several guests, amongst others: Caya Hein (AIVP), Kersten Nabielek (PBL), Helmut Thoele (Province South Holland), Alankrita Sarkar (Deltametropool), Martijn van Weert (City of the Hague/Port of Scheveningen), Mina Akhavan and Maria Elena Buslacchi (PortCityFutures), Reinout Rutte and Han Meyer (TU Delft), Merten Nefs (Erasmus University), Paolo De Martino (IUAV and TU Delft) and Paul Gerritsen (Deltametropool).

Date: 05 October
Time: 19:30-21:00
Location: Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (Museumpark 25)

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Introduction by authors Carola Hein, Yvonne van Mil and Lucija Ažman-Momirski

Introduction Caya Hein (AIVP)

Panel 1: Appling a territorial perspective: Insight for South-Holland
With Kersten Nabielek (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving), Helmut Thoele (Province South-Holland), Alankrita Sarkar (Deltametropool), Martijn van Weert (City of the Hague / Port of Scheveningen)

Panel 2: Mapping as an analytical tool: New approaches for education, research and design
With Mina Akhavan (Port City Futures), Reinout Rutte (TUD IHAAU), Merten Nefs (Erasmus), Han Meyer (TUD Urbanism)

Panel 3: Reflecting
With Paul Gerritsen (Deltametropool), Paolo de Martino (IUAV and TU Delft), Maria Elena Buslacchi (Port City Futures)


Image credit: nai010 publishers

Find more details about the Port City Atlas

This book is the outcome of a long effort to raise awareness of maritime flows across sea and land, through ports, cities, and territories. All three editors are members of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) PortCityFutures Centre, directed by Carola Hein, who also leads the recently established UNESCO Chair Water, Ports and Historic Cities hosted by the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus University consortium.

Designed as a reference work, the Port City Atlas offers a new perspective on port cities and is the first volume in a series of maps of port territories. A second volume will explore the social, environmental and spatial relationships in port city territories along rivers and canals that provide important links inland. As a next step, this methodology can be used as a basis for exploring how historical events have shaped contemporary development patterns in different port city territories; and for developing collaborative approaches to support ports that serve nearby territories as well as distant forelands and hinterlands through citizens’ engagements.