Havendebat Amsterdam 2022

Debate round 1: Room for growth?

The Amsterdam port urgently needs more space for future energy transition. At the same time, the City of Amsterdam wants to build more housing on the edges of the port and climate objectives and nitrogen issues, among others, pose threats to the port’s new ambitions and business models. What are the solutions and where do politicians choose to go?

Debate round 2: Electricity congestion

The electricity network will soon be bursting at the seams due to energy transition. More dependence on green electricity also means an attack on the existing infrastructure. What is needed and what answer do Amsterdam politicians have to this issue to make the port the capital’s battery.

Debate round 3: Energy transition

The storage and transshipment of sustainable energy and processing must become one of the new pillars for the energy port of Amsterdam alongside a circular industrial complex. Therefore, the Amsterdam port is looking for ways to store and distribute these sustainable energy carriers, such as green hydrogen. Where are there opportunities and how will Amsterdam’s politicians help business facilitate this?



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