Delta Atelier

We collaborated with Delta Atelier on a journey of dialogue, exploration and knowledge sharing around the challenge of Circular (City) Ports. Discover this journey supported by various working sessions, debates, research and exhibitions in the context of the ‘cultural space’ created by the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and its Brussels component You Are Here. While some of the suggested actions were temporary, others have become permanent and tangible.
Designing the Future work session, 2017. Photo: AWB, 2018

Roots within the Delta Atelier

The Delta Atelier has developed step by step. As early as 2016, the Delta’s field of activity was mapped out with debates and corresponding publications such as Designing the Future and Lage Landen 2020-2100. An exploration of the future. As part of IABR-2018, Architecture Workroom Brussels, in collaboration with Atelier Rijksbouwmeester, Team Vlaams Bouwmeester and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR), then issued a Call for Practices based on an initial research agenda.

The Delta Atelier kicked-off in 2017–2018 in the context of the ‘cultural space’ created by the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) and You Are Here (YAH) in Brussels.

Circular Ports of the Delta was a priority theme at the Delta Atelier Work Conference (mid-2018) where four trajectories were defined, focusing on the four scales at which circular ports operate: the company level, the (city) port (city-port interface), the port region (the regional reach of the port) and the Delta region (circular backbone or mainframe).

The scale of the Circular (City) Port was initiated by Circular Flanders as a community of practice, together with the Dutch and Belgian port authorities, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior, the relevant port cities, public officers and port experts. The exploratory process (Oct 2018 – Apr 2021) was about the future transformation of (city) ports, in which circularity will play an important role.

Delta Atelier Intervision Session, HAKA Rotterdam, 2018. Photo: Hans Tak for IABR

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