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We collaborated with Delta Atelier on a journey of dialogue, exploration and knowledge sharing around the challenge of Circular (City) Ports. Discover this journey supported by various working sessions, debates, research and exhibitions in the context of the ‘cultural space’ created by the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and its Brussels component You Are Here. While some of the suggested actions were temporary, others have become permanent and tangible.
Work Session 4 (Brussels), November 18, 2019. Photo: Lies Engelen for AWB

Identifying recurring circular projects and knowledge needs

After the exploration (Phase 1), a step was taken from documenting, collecting and understanding to exploring new strategies, stimulating frameworks and concrete projects in and for Circular (City) Ports.

Different project environments were identified, where specific business chains, materials and skills can belong, and where an adapted framework in terms of regulations, infrastructure, facilities… also fits. These project environments, the ‘circular building blocks for the future’, were presented in a fictitious port corridor as a representation of new circular initiatives and projects for our port system.

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15 minutes watch

Introducing the Circular (City) Ports trajectory: lessons learned from the explorative phase

Joachim Declerck – Partner Architecture Workroom Brussels

17 minutes watch

Introducing Circular Building Blocks: framework and content

Nadia Casabella – Partner1010 architecture urbanism

23 minutes watch

Reflections on the role of ports

Jan Blomme – Regional Port Commissioner (Flemish Region)

17 minutes watch

Developing a circular innovation framework for cityports

Elvira Haezendonck – Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

13 minutes watch

Best practice demonstrating the building block ‘Capacity Field’

Wim Stubbe – Business Development Manager, Port of Ostend

12 minutes watch

Best practice demonstrating the building block ‘Island of Urbanity’

James Hallworth – Commercial Manager Circular and Renewable Industry, Port of Amsterdam

18 minutes watch

Best practice demonstrating the building block ‘Incubator’

Muriel Dewilde – Business Development Manager Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

15 minutes watch

Best practice demonstrating the building block ‘Urban Trieur’

Marie Van Breusegem – Account manager Alphone Stevens – Managing director of Stevens & Co (urban mining at Bassin Vergote)

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