Delta Atelier

We collaborated with Delta Atelier on a journey of dialogue, exploration and knowledge sharing around the challenge of Circular (City) Ports. Discover this journey supported by various working sessions, debates, research and exhibitions in the context of the ‘cultural space’ created by the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and its Brussels component You Are Here. While some of the suggested actions were temporary, others have become permanent and tangible.
Overview investigated ports (AWB and 1010au, 2019)

Exploring circular initiatives and projects from (city) port regions

The exploratory research started by collecting various circular initiatives and projects from 11 (city) ports in the Delta, before analysing and structuring them. The concept of circularity and (city) port was explored from different perspectives and aspects, and insights were gathered through interviews, debates and various working sessions.

The exploration led to a better understanding of the state of innovation, as well as the individual and common needs for knowledge and support in relation to a structured transition to circular ports.

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