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We collaborated with Delta Atelier on a journey of dialogue, exploration and knowledge sharing around the challenge of Circular (City) Ports. Discover this journey supported by various working sessions, debates, research and exhibitions in the context of the ‘cultural space’ created by the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and its Brussels component You Are Here. While some of the suggested actions were temporary, others have become permanent and tangible.
Series of Online Webinars, April 2020 (AWB)

Joint formulation of next steps

The lessons learnt from the Circular (City) Ports process were synthesised and translated into strategic opportunities that can be exploited by different port and government actors.

The exploration thus shifted from merely documenting and collecting the knowledge, bundled in the various documents of Lessons Learned, Workbook 1 and Workbook 2, to a more structured approach by initiating strategic thinking and valorising/sharing insights. This shifts the focus from looking only at the scale of the ‘City Port’ to looking more generally at existing and potential ‘Circular Port Projects’.

Based on the previous exploration and valorisation (Phases 1 and 2), several insights were formulated that respond to the changing values, roles and spaces in this circular transition. With a core group of different port, public and port-related stakeholders, these insights were refined and substantiated into ‘actionable insights’ during a series of interactive online Working Sessions (webinars).

The webinars provided an interesting and constructive moment of reflection on the next steps that need to be taken in order to strategise in a structured way on the transition to a circular economy in our port environments.

The webinars were recorded and compiled in a report. This report summarises the reflections, questions and conclusions around the insights presented, but also outlines possible actions based on the priorities and urgencies that emerged from the different actors involved. This allowed the identification of five interesting “work packages”, which are explained in this report. The five work packages focus on different aspects of the actionable insights and are seen as crucial first steps that can accelerate the transition to a more circular port system.

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