Delta Atelier

We collaborated with Delta Atelier on a journey of dialogue, exploration and knowledge sharing around the challenge of Circular (City) Ports. Discover this journey supported by various working sessions, debates, research and exhibitions in the context of the ‘cultural space’ created by the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and its Brussels component You Are Here. While some of the suggested actions were temporary, others have become permanent and tangible.

A deep dive in the shared process

The Circular (City) Ports theme has its roots in the Delta Atelier, which emerged step by step already in 2016-2017 (What preceded). From the moment the theme was prioritised, it went through three phases during 2018-2020: Phase 1. Exploration, Phase 2. Valorisation and Phase 3. Strategising the next steps. Take a deeper dive into our process of intervision and working sessions, debates, research and exhibitions.

What preceded (2017 – 2018)

Debates: designing the future

Bozar Brussels, 2017

Urban debate: City-Ports in the Delta

Haka Rotterdam, July 4, 2018

Work programme: Circular Ports in the Delta (YAH, 2018)

WTC Brussels, June – Nov, 2018

Exploration (2018 – 2019)

Work session 1: Public debate Circular (City) Ports

WTC Brussels, Oct 10, 2018

Work session 2: Benchmarking

Brussels, March 13, 2019

Work session 3: Benchmarking

Brussels, April 2, 2019

Valorization (2019)

Delta work conference

Brussels, May 15, 2019

Work session 4: Circular Port projects

Brussels, Nov 18, 2019

Delta work conference

Brussels, 2019

Actionable insights (2020)

Series of online work sessions (webinars)

Online, April 2020

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