Results of new exploratory study ‘De Lage Landen 2020-2100’ online


Results of new exploratory study ‘De Lage Landen 2020-2100’ online

The results of the study ‘De Lage Landen 2020-2100’ have been compiled and are available online from today. The study was conducted by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijkrelaties), the Flemish Department of the Environment, the Dutch College of Government Advisors (Rijksadviseurs) and the Team Vlaams Bouwmeester (Flemish Master Builder).

‘De Lage Landen 2020-2100’ is an exploratory study, conducted within the framework of Labo Ruimte, into the major transitions and related spatial tasks and opportunities within the delta area of Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt: the Eurodelta Metropolis. The countries in the delta of Meuse, Scheldt and Rhine are among the most prosperous in the world. They share their rich history, their favourable location on the North Sea and their unique spatial configuration as a decentralised metropolis. Today, the world is facing a number of far-reaching transitions in terms of climate, energy, mobility, agriculture and economy. These global transitions are putting pressure on the decentralised urban system of the euro delta, and with it our prosperity. They represent a threat, but also an opportunity.

The Low Lands 2020-2100 – a foresight


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